• What a changing market place we live in! Whoever would have thought that in 2006 I could be sitting here in a Hotel coffee lounge typing this article on my laptop computer while receiving emails from eBay all over the world and all without any Cables!
    With over 0ne Billion Computer users worldwide, 2006 is the year to make money
    online. From this coffee shop I can buy and sell virtually anything ALL OVER THE PLANET.
    Never, ever have we had such an opportunity to work from home.
    The biggest question everybody asks me is “what can I sell”?
    My answer comes in multiple parts.

Firstly, like everything I teach, make money in YOUR niche, and ask yourself what your niche is. What I mean by niche is simply this: we are knowledgeable about certain
subjects simply because we are passionate about them. Examples: Gardening (gardening equipment), Music (CD’s, Hifi equipment etc), Fitness (Fitness products etc).

  • The secret here is find your niche and start buying and selling products in your own specific niche. You can expand you niche later.
    How many times have you heard the saying, “This is so expensive in this country”. Well
    guess what - just
    buy that product on eBay from that other country and sell it in your country.

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Where to buy products

One place to buy products from is online Auction Houses in your country. The sneaky
easy way to find these sites is to see which website everybody else is going to.

To do this, go to www.alexa.com and download the free Alexa toolbar. This is an
extraordinary addition to your web browser. No matter which web site you go to, it will show you where everybody else has been beforehand.

All you need to do is find one auction site and then follow the trail to find
others. I have found some amazing sources of cheap products with this approach.

A good source for products when you are starting out is from the Saturday morning
garage sales. In some countries these are called car boot sales. I recently went to three of these on one Saturday morning and here are my results.

So, after three garage sales, a profit of $706, which I reckon that is a pretty good profit. Another place to buy products from is to buy BADLY MARKETED products from places like Ebay or the paper, and especially products with the wrong spelling, i.e. LEBTOP instead of LAPTOP.

When buyers search for LAPTOP they don’t find LAPTOP, so you can buy these products cheap as not many people bid on them and then re-sell them.

There are some great Auction sites all over the world like www.liquidation.com
Many of the conventional Auction houses are now moving to online auctions. You can
pick up items at a fraction of retail cost and simply re-sell them on eBay for a nice profit.
Another strategy to make money on eBay is by drop-shipping with other manufacturers.
Many companies will manufacture a product and ship it straight to your customer’s door on your behalf. For more information on Drop Shipping opportunities click here. This is the best resource I know for drop-shipping manufactures. It gives you an up-to-date list of real drop-shipping manufactures, rather than old information that many other companies sell.

These days I buy my niche products just from China and Hong Kong. The most e comical
method to do this is to buy at least 1 cubic metre of goods and send them via sea. Only get into
overseas importing once you have gained the experience using the above strategies. You can find many products in China and Hong Kong at www.alibaba.com

Tips for Selling your Product

How do you create a great ad? Easy - just model other great ads. Find Ads with your
product that look
flash and model them. We must get over trying to always reinvent the wheel.


One simple method is to just sell something you do not use any more. It is also very good feng
shui to eliminate clutter in your house. If your house is completely bare and there is nothing you no longer use, be creative and ask around to find something you can sell. All you need is a couple of dollars to start and then turn it into $10 then $100 etc.
Although eBay is a great way to make an income from home, it is not my preferred
method as it is not passive, i.e. you have to use physical effort. If you are really serious about making a lot
money from home, then as soon as you have made enough from the techniques above, then I would highly recommend starting your own Internet Marketing Course.

You know the saying “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink!” That is how it feels to
me sometimes. Many people say to me “Neil, you have this great lifestyle, what can I do to make the
money you have and all the free time you have?’ When I tell them to build their own
Internet Business, 9
out 10 will NOT do anything about it. Sometimes I wonder what people would need to hear before they finally do something. It would appear you can sell something for more money on eBay than you can in the paper. I know of somebody who buys cheap cars from the newspaper and then re-sells them straight away on eBay and makes a nice profit. The great thing about eBay is it has a much bigger audience than any newspaper so products tend to sell for more.

Marketing is everything, not just for eBay but for everything in life, even getting a
Profit from others lack of marketing skills. Marketing sells, the profit difference between
a good ad and a
bad one can be massive.
If you want to learn to be a good marketer, just model on others - it is that simple.
Problem is most
people’s ego gets in their way.


Another great way to find what all the experts are selling is simply to just have a look. That’s right, you can look at any buyer or seller on eBay and see what they are selling. To do this just look
at any product and click on the seller (or buyer) and go through their feedback where it shows the entire previous product they have bought or sold. I only look at sellers who have made over 100
transactions, (yes eBay shows that too)!

Secrets of buying products.

Don’t get into a bidding war! Whenever I buy houses, I stand at the front right corner so I
see the auctioneer and the buyers. I never get involved in the bidding war, rather wait until the
hammer is just about to fall and just before the hammer hits the block I make hopefully my first and last
killer bid!

The advantage of this is there is no point in getting into a bidding war with everybody.
The only person who wins out of this is the seller! Wait till the very end of the eBay auction before you
place your bid. I do it in the last ONE minute!

Secrets of Selling Products

Obviously the reverse. Advertise your product for as long as possible. In eBay’s case, 10
days and set your start price as low as possible. I start most of my products at 99 cents.

The advantage of this is you collect loads of people not only bidding and watching, but they also start getting emotionally attached to your product. Although we like to think we only buy out of logic, reality is we buy from emotion. If we all bought cars through logic, we would all be driving old Volvos!
The above information is all you need to create a very healthy home business income. If
Ebay is your preferred income source and you are hungry for more information, I would highly
recommend the guru of eBay, John Reese.