How To Blog

Choose the right Niche

  • Pick a Niche

Starting your own blog is a great way to get you on the right path to make a long-term passive-income, that what a lot of people don't realize. Once you get it going, you literally make money while you sleep rather than going to your everyday corner-store or your 9-5 office job getting paid per hour... Now!!!.. Is not get rich quick. Is gonna take some time and some effort but it's worth the pay off!!!!...-:) Am going to show you with a few easy steps how to pick your niche, How to blog & be successful!!!!!

  1. What's a Niche?>A niche is a topic, the overall topic your blog is or will be about. Choosing the right niche is the most-important decision you can make as its ought to do with your passion. If you choose the wrong niche, how do you cope when you niche market get massively competitive,stiff and tough? ...You want to make money, you've got to ask yourself<:>what re you passionate about, i don't care how much money you could make in that field, if you are not passionate about it, you are not gonna wanna be the expert is like this life of desperation but you re broke,you don't have a day job anymore but you re still doing something you hate; so you've got to be passionate about what you choose,doing or choose to do.
  2. Choosing a niche:>Is about your favorite niche. Your niche is your favorite topic. Is it about fitness,cooking,cooking-recipes,puppy,party,birthday party,trade,discount stores like cash back for shopping online, here is one e.g:> Is it about flowers, do you love flowers and that's a gr8 reason to start a blog, a site,an advert or a show about flowers. Again, it has to be something you passionate about. If you don't much care for an animal, you probably shouldn't start an animal show, an animal advert or an animal blog even though it may pay well on Google ad sense, its gonna turn into a hard-frustrating low-earning job and that brings about the downn-fall of may websites and blogs.
  3. The bottom-line is:.-:) be passionate about your blog and/or your delivery content.

How To Blog and make money on internet

  • Monetize your blog

Do you intend to make money with your blog/site?That is a big question. If you wanna succeed with your blog or site, Is preferable to choose your hobby. Do you want your blog to be a source of income or your peak income, that make a difference because you are passionate and one easy to monetize. Advertise natures, they are not easy to monetize. If you pick one niche topic, you better be motivated, you have to have a lot of driving steam power to actually own that particular niche.

How do you do that: (choosing your Niche!!!..)

  • Research & learn about your niche topic.

Who your competition is

who is your customer

Find out the top 3/5 prior customer

ginger yourself with more questions???

Investigate before you celebrate!!!!!

Comment on their blogs,post,get to know them,build a relationship with these people>"your competitor's"< is more to competition, we like to call it co/operation. Establish relationship with the key players. There is way plenty market for each and everyone, no point worrying whom customers would go to.

  • Find the right keyword

You also want to find the right keyword to target "in your niche". first of all, What's a keyword?. People go to Google, go to search engine, they put a keyword, whatever is the term they use and that's how they end up on your blog or your video. Simply type in the keyword for example: if you can across this article, you probably enter free online jobs,how to blog,setting up a blog,how to monetize your blog and e.t.c... Those words you enter to search an item,product,service,news or radio channels, those are the keywords.

So, here is the thing: don't guess, don't wait until you're successful because your reader & Google will eventually tell what you keywords are but you wanna make sure that you pick the right one, so spend the time up-front and invest that energy otherwise, you are going to start doing a double work all around. For more details on how to choose a successful niche go to

Setting up a blog

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  • How To Blog
  • Write Your first blog post
  • make a great first ....
  • setting up a blog with Rss
  • How to Monetize your blog

How To Write Your first blog post

  • You've already decided what you want your blog to be about(your topic/niche).
  • You have research the market
  • You know who your competitors are
  • You know who the top 3 are
  • You know who you wanna be like
  • Who you don't want to be like

Now, it time to get down to the meat of a blog.

  • How to write your first blog post?
  • Where do you start???..
  • There are just so many ideas...

Sometime, i just sit back, lean back and watch people debating,banging their head on the same wall. Judge, this hurts, i don't know what to write about. I just can't simply relate to that, you know what him/her need to know, off the top of your head.

Just find a quite place,isolated yourself from noise or look your-self into a room, far from any sort of distraction, No TV,No Phones, Nothing... You,-table,- pen,paper type and come upwith a list, off the top of your head.

  • What problem do people in your niche face all the time?
  • What question do they have
  • What keep them up at night, that's a great good starting point and you know what! ...After you have made this list of 50 to 100things which interest you and flows once you start, You pick one that interest you the most, that's the first one!.
  • And Once you have your first topic, You write. What do you call it?, How to organize it??.. make some thing simple. Do your five ways to get to Rome from home, 5 tips or the top 10 why,-how,-errors,-trouble-shooting for device, how to do something,-how to improve your diet,-how to style your hair,+where to style your hair ...keep peppering yourself with question, you will realize more ideas.
  • The key thing, question are identifier like your ATM Machine. Is a tonnes of ways to solve a problem. From your list, just pick one that interests you; the one that speaks to you. Take a note-book, note-pad on your mobile phone, anytime you think of an idea,topic for your blog just write it down. You may or may never write an article about it but just keep the list with you. Again, always brainstorm. And you know what! when you're ready to write one, just grab one, oh! that's a good one and you go. Another very very very important thing here!. Is first, considering your visitor. If you get people visiting your blog, site or whatever.

Finally, you got to be consistent on your own site or blog. The search engine, the people except to see new stuff, update on regular intervals. The last but not the least, how and where do you source your writing ideas...

tips: the theme of the day, is getting started!!!..practice! practice!! practice!!!. Is how you get better. Start with a simple free theme. You will get it with SBI Blog-it.

Then you can accelerate as your business or blog grows.

Make a great first...

Making a great first impression by having a great theme. A great theme is fun but you really wanna add your style to it.

A theme set the look and feel. Give your read the urge, an appetite to read your content clearly and concise.

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