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About binary option

Are you currently into Forex, commodities, and future? Now you’re thinking of a way on how to further earn money without the hassle or complications of investing in the mentioned financial instruments. Well, now here is the answer: binary options.

What Is Binary Options?

So what is binary option? It may sound complex, but it really is not. Binary option as the name binary depicts "1" and "0", it's an online option trading vehicle which lets you predict if an asset value is going to increase, in that case you choose the option call/buy, otherwise if your prediction is the asset value is going to decrease, then you choose the option put/sell.

A vast majority of people enthusiastic about binary options and its rapid growing future, how they can earn extra money fast online. Yes!, It is definitely possible. Binary options is a kind of investing that is largely based on speculation (or the direction the market is going at a certain period of time). It guarantees a pre-fixed price and includes an expiry date. The minimum value you can invest for each chosen asset is $5 and a maximum of $9000.

The concept of binary options is very popular in Europe, and is later adopted in the United States. In the country, binary option is currently offered by Chicago Board of Trade. Before you can trade in this manner, however, you sho0uld already be an official member of the said exchange.

All or Nothing

Binary option trading is often considered as “all or nothing.” This is because once the contract expires, it is either you get your prediction right, in which case you earn something, or your prediction is wrong, which means no money for you. However, there are certain cases when you do actually earn something even if it’s out of money (or outside your contract price). It all depends on your broker.


To fully understand how binary options trading works, here’s a short illustration. Let’s assume that you wanted a binary call option for a Y company share, which initially had an ongoing price of $50. You assumed that, soon as contract expires depending on the expiration you choose, it will rise to $55. You then bought $1,000, or 20 shares. Once the contact expired, the price per share was $60. That meant a profit for you of $100.

Another way is determining your payout upon expiry date. Perhaps the contract will say a payback of 90 percent of the initial investment. Using the example above, should you prediction turn up correct, you should receive $1,900.

Now, you’ve also read that the “nothing” can really be real money. This can be stipulated in the contract too. For instance, it may say even if it’s out of money, the broker will still pay you $1 for every share and in some scenario, You as a trader can determine the risk management. This is technique is made with the Ioption builder which allow you to vary your risk management vs your preferred payout.

Why Binary Options

Why should you go for binary options anyway? There are a couple of reasons. First, it’s actually pretty simple. After all, everything is laid out in the contract. Then you have the guidance of some of the best online brokers. Most of all, the outcome is linear: it’s either you gain something or you don’t after the expiration date. There are strategies to enable maximize profit and get the best of binary options

Another benefit is the limitation of the risks. Though there’s a minimum contract value, you can still have greater control over how much you want to earn or lose at the end of your expiry date.

Moreover, there are plenty of tools that can help you speculate wisely. These include previous market trends, technical analysis tools, and even news you hear in the media. No limit to the type of asset you can trade on.

Also, you can double your asset value within an hour or 30mins if you trading currency. Beyond that, if you choose the 60second trade, You can double your asset in laterally 1min. That's very fast!. It's kinda of magical but it is a reality deal. With the right predict you can earn from 75%-90% of the sum you invested on a contract within 60seconds.

Higher Profit kind of binary options

One of the distinct characteristics of investing in financial instruments such as stocks, commodities, and foreign exchange is it’s high yielding and high risk. Simply put, even if the returns are high, you’re also bound to lose a LOT of money should when your decision become wrong.

Fortunately, there are some ways on how to limit your risks. These include binary options.

Binary option is defined as a method of investing that reduces your risks simply and design for the common people, i mean people who have no idea or experience of trading. When you are trading in this fashion, you enter into a contract, which expires in a specific date. This contract then includes your speculation. Depending on what you think is the potential direction of the market once the contract expires, you immediately recieve a payout depending on the outcome of your investment.

Short-term Investment

short-term trade expiring every 30mins interval

Long-term Investment

Long-term trade trading expiring after 5 day

To illustrate, the contract says a buy-back for a call option of 71 percent after a week. If you invested $2,000 today and you are in the money, you can earn $3,420. If the market unfortunately went downward, you could lose sum percent of your investment.The lose can be set to vary relative to profit. From my experience, for example, if you invest with i option using option builder, you will be able to set profit limit and the risk limit relatively. In this scenario, i suggest you try it, witness it, experience it. Mathematically, the best deal is to try it. Now!

Comparing Binary and Vanilla Options

Vanilla option is known as the standard option and it’s different from binary option in a couple of ways. First, in vanilla option, the expiry date is also kind of fixed. It can either be quarterly or monthly, and the contract can be executed at any point between the agreement and the expiration. Most of all, it depends on the change of asset price.

On the other hand, in binary option, the expiration date can be anytime, but the contract cannot be executed unless the expiration date has arrived. Lastly, how much you earn or lose is according to the purchase option.

Types of Binary Options

In other words, the main attribute of the binary option is that the loss or reward is somewhat fixed. But then the conditions that revolve around this type of investing can greatly vary.

For example, in up or down option, your option is based on the movement of the asset during the expiry date, whether the price goes up or down. There’s also the one touch option, wherein your predicted price happens even before the contact has expired. In this case, you earn the maximum return upon expiration date. A variation of this option is the no touch, wherein you speculate that a particular price won’t be reached after your contract has expired.


One of the best things about binary option is it isn’t as difficult as other kinds of investing. Plus there are some handy tips you can keep in mind.

One, choose the best online brokers. Binary option may not be as huge or as popular as other investment types, but there are still helpful and highly knowledgeable brokers around, and they’re more than happy to give you great returns.

Second, if you want to be very flexible and earn lots of money, try a binary option that’s good for every hour.

More in stores-;): check out<>
Binary Option Online Option Trading Option Trading Strategies
How to invest in Stocks Think or Swim Share-tips-info
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